Why should you donate?

There are many reasons why your donation is heavily appreciated. The main reason is: a donation expresses your appreciation!

Much of my time is dedicated to GFA-BASIC (32), fixing bugs and providing the means to use GFA-BASIC 32 on the new Windows Upgrades. Note that GFA-BASIC 32 runs on Windows 10 as smoothly as on Windows 95! However, to keep GFA-BASIC up to date much effort goes into fixing bugs and adding new features. This is normal maintenance and it is necessary. Of course, as a software engineer, you are aware of the costs of software maintenance, especially when the source code isn't available... The only source is a reverse engineered disassembly. Although it is fun to hunt for bits and bytes, it is time consuming and often just plain work. In particular when crashes prevent further use of GFA-BASIC and a fix is urgently required...

Car maintenance costs money, software maintenance costs money, everything has a fee and so does GFA-BASIC maintenance. When you appreciate bug fixes and when you are content with the latest update, you have a moral obligation to make a donation. If you don't agree, please continue using your current version and do not download and use the latest updates. Otherwise click the PayPal button below and go to the payment site.

What is a fair amount do donate?

It depends on how you use GFA-BASIC 32 or how relevant GFA-BASIC 32 is to you daily business. Generally, based on the donations received so far, private users tend to donate at least 30 Euros once every 2 or 3 years. Small companies with usually one GFA-BASIC programmer, and with one legacy product, tend to donate at least 100 Euros (every 2 or 3 years). However, software companies that heavily rely on error-free GFA-BASIC 32 donate much larger amounts every so many years. If you want advise or more details please send an e-mail to or